Sunday, 10 June 2012

Icon COmel pada chat box facebook

Harini ejulz belajar sesuatu yg baru ejulz tau.. hehehe
buat icon comel kat chat box facebook.. copy paste je.. hhehe

tips ni ejulz dapat dari blog Cik Tasya.. terjah la blog dia k.. :)

Harimau Malaya --> [[140478612676809]]

Angry Bird--> [[166456416741199]]
Shin Chan --> [[196431117116365]]
Doraemon --> [[155393057897143]] 
Spongebob --> [[334954663181745]] 
Domo --> [[250128751720149]]
Sonic --> [[120219704713360]]
Pooh --> [[123363421035031]]
Piglet --> [[132045620187428]]
Ultraman --> [[147290738648754]]
Bleach --> [[40134995667]]
Adidas --> [[111751548879681]]
BoBoiBoy --> [[110056482412380]] 
Mickey Mouse --> [[297035248728]]
Greyson Chance --> [[239842169376590]]


[[171108522930776]] -------> Trollface
[[164413893600463]] -------> Me Gusta
[[218595638164996]] -------> Yaoming
[[189637151067601]] -------> LOL
[[129627277060203]] -------> Poker Face
[[227644903931785]] -------> Forever Alone
[[100002752520227]] -------> Okay Guy
[[100002727365206]] -------> Challange Accepted
[[208551699231052]] -------> (d)
[[100003281387902]] -------> (smirk)
[[149615398444588]] -------> (wary)
[[147753965332916]] -------> (dhat)
[[211804458902220]] -------> (cd)
[[333708903307152]] smirk
[[131741810275104]] xp
[[300983063279872]] mario8
[[119793161471522]] cool
[[144264815683239]] maniac
[[164288477004432]] Cd
[[157618067676266]] xD
[[134695813311979]] Hmm
[[138413752938532]] chew
[[138413752938532]] ksmirk

Okey . ni pulak icon untuk profile picture kawan kita ...

1 . Klik Profile kawan anda
2. oke..tengok URL profile kawan anda kat atas tu : contoh :
3.copy contoh yang ejulz highlight kan warna merah tu . 
4.dan paste dalam chatbox contohnya. ejulz .. jangan lupa dan tambah [[ dan ]]

contoh . : [[ejulz]] *tak payah space ok ?

good luck ! (:


  1. mmg comel..dah try dah.hehehe :)

  2. macam menarik, tapi lately ni dah jarang online fb, Btw, nice sharing.

  3. elyna mirsada : hehehe.mmg menarik.. hehe

  4. Eza Boom Boom :) sama2.. hehe

  5. Cinta Misteri : layan gak.. hehe

  6. Elfiza Ismail: nang comel.. hehe

  7. wah menarik ..
    nanti akk cuba .. penat sgt badan , baru sampai dik huhuh

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