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Strategic partnerships with payment and logistics providers underline the company’s commitment to Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, 18 September 2018 – Carousell Malaysia, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing classifieds marketplace is making it even easier to buy and sell on the marketplace. Carousell has teamed up with strategic partners, Boost and PostCo, to address payment and logistics across Malaysia.

Boost, a homegrown e-wallet that allows payment without the hassle of cash, and PostCo, a logistics company that delivers parcels through its network of more than 1,000 locations which include cafes, pharmacies and stores, inked a cross-promotional partnership deal with Carousell in August.

The promotion includes Cashback Rewards for purchases made on Carousell with Boost, as well as a special delivery rate for Carousellers who choose the delivery option via PostCo.

“This is a stepping stone for Carousell Malaysia to provide an end-to-end service for our users. We are committed to creating value for our users and make it more convenient to buy and sell. This trial phase has seen a positive response from users, and we will continue looking for opportunities to improve our marketplace and services to Malaysian Carousellers,” said Tang Siew Wai, Country Head of Carousell Malaysia.

He added that the partnership will run till the end of September, but the company has not ruled out a long-term deal.

Carousell continues to gain traction in Malaysia. For the month of August, it saw total transactions and listings grow by 20% and 30% respectively from the previous month. Response to the strategic nationwide collaboration has been encouraging, with PostCo recording a 47% repeat in Carousellers utilising its delivery services just after a month of partnership and Boost seeing full redemptions in their promotional offers.

Carousell has more than 19 million listings for its Malaysian market as of June 2018, with over 5 million items sold on the marketplace.Globally, it has over 158 million listings and over 54 million items sold across all seven markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

“This partnership marks another milestone in our journey to strengthen our leadership in the e-wallet space and enhance our offerings,” said Christopher Tiffin, Chief Executive Officer of Boost. “Boost simplifies your day-to-day operations by allowing you to manage your cash flow with just one app. With their engaged community and wide variety of marketplace offerings, collaborating with Carousell was a natural move for us. Since the start of our partnership to date, we’ve seen an almost four-fold increase in Boost mentions in Carousell.”

“Our partnership with Carousell provides their sellers with a unique avenue to deliver their items through our network of PostCo locations. It is great to see how much convenience it has offered to the community of sellers on Carousell. Once someone finds it convenient, they will continue to utilise the service for their remaining deliveries. Aside from sending, we also allow buyers to collect their parcels at a specified pick-up point at any time, be it before, during or after working hours. We believe that PostCo will also continue to play a pivotal role for Carousell users in a long run,” said Melisa Wang, Chief Operating Officer of PostCo.

Carousell users can now buy fromsellers that accept Boost as a payment option by easily entering the seller’s mobile number in the payment app, selecting the Carousell icon and inserting the purchase details. Moreover, sellers can have their first three parcels delivered from only RM1.90 when they send via PostCo.

For more information, follow Carousell on or download the Carousell app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


For all media inquiries, please contact our Media Centre:
Sim Teong Eu
+6016 215 2328

About Carousell
Carousell is a classifieds marketplace that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Launched in August 2012, Carousell began in Singapore and now has a presence in seven markets across Asia. With over 158 million listings, we are one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is backed by Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia India, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, DBS and EDBI. In Malaysia, Carousell has a diverse range of products in 34 categories, including fashion & beauty, lifestyle gadgets and muslimah fashion. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.

About Boost
Boost is a homegrown lifestyle e-wallet that aims to revolutionise the way consumers transact on a daily basis. Combining lifestyle needs and cutting edge digital technology, Boost strives to make transactions easier, faster, more secure & overall a more rewarding experience for consumers.

Boost officially launched in January 2017 as a platform that digitised one of the telco’s core services - the way prepaid users top up their mobile credit. Boost allows users to pay via their mobile phone at participating locations without the hassle of using physical cash or cards. More than 3 million Boost users can now pay at more than 35,000 touchpoints nationwide.

Key features include:
      Paying utility bills with partners such as Telekom Malaysia, Astro and Syabas
      Paying for parking (most major streets around Klang Valley)
      Instant rewards through “Shake” feature
      Donations to #DoGoodwithBoost
      Buying and gifting digital vouchers for online merchants, F&B outlets, entertainment,health & beauty
      Splitting bills through unique feature “Go Dutch”
      Buying prepaid top up
      Free money transfers

Android users can download Boost from the Play Store while iOS users can download from the App Store.

For more information, check out the website at follow Boost on Facebook ( and Instagram (

About PostCo
PostCo provides a convenient way to collect, send and return your parcel at nearby local stores instead of the post office. We have a network of more than 1000+ partner locations based in petrol stations, pharmacies, cafes and other local shops across Malaysia and Singapore.


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